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Dearest people of the universe. First of all, I’d like to apologize for my appearance on Conan’s show. It was embarrassing, humiliating, and even a tad embarrassing. #Integrity. However, I’ve always believed in righting wrongs. Lord (Jesus) knows I’ve been “writing” wrongs my entire life. Coincidently, Righting Wrongs is also the title of a 1986...

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It’s the year 2017

It’s the year 2017, I think. Depends on what calendar you’re adhering to. Pretty sure I’m using the Gregorian calendar. Don’t know who Greg was, but he certainly got our dates sorted. Way to go Greg! Thanks bud! I think the Chinese celebrate their new year in August or something, so it might be different...

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Oh jeez eh!

Oh jeez eh! Can’t wait to perform at the new Laugh’s in Seattle Washington. I hear t’s a real beauty. I’ll be performing like 2 shows on Friday April 21st 2017 and then 2 more shows on Saturday April 22 eh! Also, I heard that the 22nd is something called “earth day?” It means everyone...

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Attention Canada

Attention Canada (or people traveling to Canada) New tour dates coming soon. Planning shows from St John’s, Nfld. to Edmonton, Alberta, with stops in beautiful Regina, sexy Saskatoon, and plenty of other cities in between. Stay tuned and hope to see you out. Love, Jon